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Name:Electric mobile compressor E-Air Variable Speed Drive 166-1100 cfm - 78-520 l/s

Product Description


Comparable to the sound level of a normal conversation.


Savings on your operating costs


Service intervals. Or once every 2 years.

Noise maximum 61 bB(A)

Which is about the sound level of a normal conversation

Improved efficiency

The E-Air’s VSD integrated permanent magnet motor offers unmatched performances. Especially when running at partial load, a VSD compressor offers an efficiency gain of up to 50%; that is a lot of energy and money saved.

Less maintenance

No diesel engine, means less service. You'll only only have to perform preventative maintenance every 2000 hours, or 2 years. Another good way to save time and money.

No diesel emissions

Ideal for low noise and emission zones or indoor applications

Set the pressure with PACE

Change the pressure of your Atlas Copco mobile air compressor with the touch of a button. Thanks to PACE technology ("pressure adjusted through cognitive electronics") , one compressor can tackle multiple applications. And there are more advantages: such as additional flow at a lower pressure setting and fuel savings

Variable speed drive permanent magnet electric motor

Just plug and play, with low start-up currents. This energy-efficient motor is silent, compact and ruggedized for the harshest conditions


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